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At the same time, trying to revert to the original techniques of karate-do as a martial art where "one stroke means a certain death," we who are on the path of karate-do focus on mind, technique, and body according to the spirit of Bushido. With this intention and in harmony with world karate supporters we are creating a group of followers of the Karate Route

The feature of Yahar Karate, which has redeemed it as a martial art on various battlefields, is the maximum range of movements of the joints and human muscles. His technique uses all the latent capabilities of the whole body to instantly release explosive energy. The observer's technique reminds you of the Japanese sword and creates a unique beauty of the mysterious mystery. Even practitioners who have practiced karate for years will undoubtedly realize this theory of technique through "learning with eyes".

The training method of Mr Isaki's principal instructor assistant leads to the development of the body so that the movements are sharp and large. This is a method developed after a complete analysis and study of the use of center, hip, and back displacement. The content of intensive training is the conscious building of the body base. All movements are done quite slowly and concentrically to such an extent that you can also notice the difference of one millimeter of hips from the center.

This way, for the first time, it is possible to gain full control over your body and its movements.

Combining the two original training methods of Mr. Yaharah's instructor and his assistant Mr Isaki, the KWF Karate acquired an advanced and unique training system and a method of karate training. We believe that we will become a place for lessons for karateers from all over the world. KWF (World Karate Federation) won the status of a legal entity (non-profit organization) in May 2009. As a non-profit organization, we are actively engaged in social activities such as visits to various facilities, etc. for people without shelter.


The concept of KWF is that karate is a martial art. This is also the starting point for my karate.

I try to concentrate completely on the "one strike of death" in the world of karate, which is increasingly inclined to sport, ie the defense and immediate counterattack - the ippon technique.

The KWF karate features are not superficial techniques, but the use of complete body movements to large, violent and explosive movements. That is why we must take care of the inseparability of the three pillars of our training - kihon, kata and kumite.

We craft the basic technique in the crates and these basic practice techniques and rules, as they are, must be usable in kumite.

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Shihan Yahara Mikio

Born April 4, 1947 in Ehimeken prefecture. After graduating from Kokushikan University, he becomes an instructor in the Japanese Karate Association. In 1987 he leaves the Japanese Karate Association and goes on his own journey.

He is traveling around the world, where he participates in many tournaments, where he is always at the front. He begins to create his legend. Caricaturists from around the world are fascinated by his unique style - leopard-like body movements, graceful techniques in a leap or changes in techniques.

He meets Yamamoto Yohi, who admires Yahara's karate concept of "one stroke of death". In April 2000, he founded the KWF World Karate Federation for the further development of his concept.

Why does people in astonishment have something that can take their life at the moment and even consider it beautiful?

If we perceive karate as a martial art where "one stroke means death," then every one of our foot and hand techniques during exercise must be fully filled with a deadly spirit. Every moment of our being is taken seriously because it separates life and death. We will undoubtedly have the courage through the wonderful techniques of karate and a strong spirit.

It is necessary to train to the extent of your technique and spirit, when beauty also appears in our everyday being. Exercise so that our character shapes into a rich heart where love for one's neighbor is cultivated and where we experience spiritual life.

The path of karate is the art of living that creates together with our minds and techniques our beautiful nature.

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